This morning we decided to stop at a cafe in East Vancouver on Ash and 7th Ave.

This is the coolest little coffee shop I think I have ever been to. It is an old historic house that has been converted into this coffee shop.


Walking in the people were very friendly. There was an small selection of food and drinks, but that is all they needed.

We ordered a London Fog and two Spanish Latte’s. If you are wondering what a Spanish Latte is, we wondered too. We were told that it is a normal Latte with condensed milk added, so there is no need to add sugar or cream. We found it very rich and had a creamy texture, it was a nice change to the normal Latte’s that we order.

We also ordered some tasty breakfast snacks which included a lemon coconut square, a cranberry orange scone, a banana chocolate chip muffin, and a pistachio orange biscotti.

There was a very artistic picture that we found when we were getting up to leave our table.


The main floor had four tables and a nice patio off the main area, when we were finished our drinks and snacks we decided to venture upstairs. There was more seating and a very nice little patio which had a nice two seater table.


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