Walking along West 4th in Vancouver we found this cool little shop. The decor is a little eclectic and there is some very interesting art on the walls. Their menu is very interesting due to the fact that they serve beer, food, coffee, and even milkshakes.


The place was so busy that we couldn’t even get seating. I do wish that they had a patio, with it being such a beautiful day in Vancouver it would have been nice to sit on a patio and enjoy our crafted beverages.


We ordered a London Fog, an Iced Vanilla Latte, a Frappucino, and two regular coffees. Everything was very delicious. The London Fog came with cinnamon on top which was very strange but it still tasted good. The Iced Vanilla Latte was delicious, and the Frappucino even came with ice cream and espresso shots, it was so nice and refreshing on this hot day.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to take pictures of our drinks because we got them to go. I can honestly say the snacks that they have there looked so good.

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