Last night we went out for dinner to an amazing little Italian joint on Hastings and Garden. It is right across the street from Red Wagon, home of the pulled pork Jack Daniels pancakes.

We waited 30 minutes for a table which wasn’t crazy for a Saturday night. What we could see from outside the food looks amazing.

It is very hard to find parking so if there is more than one of you, one could get your name on the list while one parks, that way you don’t have to wait to long for a table.’

There was a group of 6 before us and there was a table open for 10 and it had been open since 7:15, and by 7:50 when we got our table it was still open. At 8 the giant party arrived and even then there where still people missing from the whole party.


The host was very nice and kept us well informed about when our table was looking like it was going to be ready.

We ordered the bruschetta which had a sausage paste instead of a tomato purée. It had cute little edible flowers on top. It was delicious.


We ordered spaghetti with spicy tomato sauce, risotto with walnut purée, contadino pizza, and a diavolla pizza. The risotto was something my wife had never had before and it was so good with the walnut purée. The contadino pizza had spring onions, scamorza cheese (cows milk), radishes, grilled garlic scrapes, and added prosciutto. The diavolla pizza had sausage, tomato, chili, oregano, provolone, and I got it without the green olives. Everything was amazing.


For desert we ordered their take on strawberry shortcake and a soft serve chocolate ice cream. To accompany these wonderful desserts we also ordered an espresso, a latte, and an americano.

This is definitely a spot that I would like to come back to.

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