Just finished work and in need of a beverage. So we decided to check out London Fog Cafe, it’s located at the corner of Heritage Drive and Macleod Trail. It’s kind of tucked away in a strip mall there. It is a little Mom & Pop place and the pride of ownership shows. The staff were very friendly and helpful. It has a very casual atmosphere.


Today we ordered the London Fog of course and we also ordered a Vanilla Latte. The drinks were brought out to us very quickly and within a few minutes later we received the food that we ordered. Drinks were very good.


The food we ordered was the “special of the day”, which was a Turkey Cheddar sandwich and a bowl of Chunky Chicken Potato soup. All food was made right in front of you. The food was reasonably priced, and was excellent.


They had a ton of fresh baked goods in the display case and looked really good.

photo 1

While we were eating our lunch, we had 2 different staff members stop by to ensure everything was good and to see if we needed anything. Then as soon as I was finished my meal, they came by and picked up the dirty dishes, and looking around any open tables were clean and ready for customers.

This place is what you think a Mom & Pop small cafe should be like, with Mom & Pop working behind the counter. Cool little place.

If you want a relaxing place to go and sit back and enjoy a beverage, come here. You won’t be disappointed. I will coming back and try “The Famous Eggy Bagel”.

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