Rosso is located in the very trendy neighbourhood of Inglewood. This place has a very modern flair both inside and outside. The place was very busy. We ended up sitting way in the back of the coffee shop. There was lots of people sitting in the back with us but none of them were drinking anything. A group of students beside us discussing a project, but again no drinks. There was also a huge sectional couch at the front of the shop that seats about 8 people.

We ordered the Chai Latte and a Sweet Latte, a sweet latte is a regular latte and is sweetened with honey. Then the barista told me they couldn’t make it for me because they had ran out of honey. So i decided to go with the regular latte. No wait says the barista, our shipment of honey just showed up. So guess what, I was getting the Sweet Latte. When the drinks arrived, instead of a saucer under the cup, the drinks were served on little planks of wood. Very cool.

photo 10

I think their drink menu is a little limited compared to what I seen at other shops. They do sell pastries, juices and beans as well.

Overall, I really like the place. Beverages were great tasting. Could have been a little hotter. Staff were very friendly and helpful. Would like to go back and try some food at a later date.

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