On Saturday we were out for a drive and thought, let’s take a drive down through the East Village on our way to Bridgeland. We came across Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters as we drove by the old Simmons Mattress Building. It’s amazing this building is over 100 years old.

The Simmons Building is right on the river walk in the East Village. This whole area has been revitalized and looks amazing. There were a ton of people on bikes, people walking all over, I even seen a guy sleeping in one of the chaise lounge chairs on one of the patios along the river.

Decor is outstanding, exposed brick every where, all exposed beams, industrial vibe with a great ambience. At the back of the store was an old safe that was being used as a storage room. Across from the sales counter there is a place where they roast coffee beans. Again it is all open with huge garage door like windows.

It was an extremely busy place, everyone coming in looked pretty happy today but why wouldn’t you be happy, they were getting a caffeinated beverage.


There is two other restaurants in this building as well, Charbar is right beside P&S and Sidewalk Citizen Bakery is located on the back side of the building over looking the Bow River. All three business seem to work well in this great old building.


Once I walked outside the back of the building I seen there was a really cool roof top patio, but unfortunately it was closed for a private function. After leaving the building we did walk down the river walk and came across some cool artwork along the walk.

We didn’t sample any of the food today but we did enjoy a couple of beverages. we ordered the Dolce and their version of the London Fog. It had a different taste as it was sweetened with caramel instead of vanilla.

For those of you in a hurry, you may want to try out the Phil & Sebastian Express. It is a quick service cart that they put outside on the river walk on nice days. On the not so nice days it is upstairs in the Simmons Building.

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