Sorso Coffee Social is located in Airdrie on the corner of Yankee Valley Blvd and 8 Street SW.

This is a very cool place. The interior has a rustic charm to it, the front counter looks like it was made with some repurposed wood. There are several tables and pretty comfy chairs, which is a bonus.

I thought the kids area was a good idea, it even has a table there for parents to sit at. Great idea.


They also have an area at the back of the shop that can be closed off with a huge barn door if you wanted to have a meeting or for a larger group. The table looks like it would seat 8-10 people. Another good idea.


Sorso has a huge patio with lots of tables and a variety of seating arrangements. Again with comfy chairs. They also have a few picnic tables on the patio. Another cool idea that these have thought of is they have a dog run attached to the patio.

This is a place I could see sitting at for hours just relaxing while enjoy my beverage with my family/friends. The staff doesn’t make you feel rushed like some of the other places I have been. Speaking of the staff, the girls that were there this morning were very friendly and patient. Great Job!!

I think I have talked enough about the shop, I should tell you that we ordered the London fog and a Local Honey Latte. Both drinks were excellent and hot. We did have to request they be served in glass mugs. The drinks seem be taste better in glass mugs vs. paper cups.
They use Rosso Roasters has their House Blend and I read that they have guest blends as well which rotates through. Next time I will be checking out the Guest Blend. The Oprah picture was our number so they knew where to bring our breakfast.

The also serve a huge assortment of teas and serve an assortment of Kombucha.


We also order the Egg Mac Daddy breakfast sandwich. It is similar to a egg mcmuffin style sandwich but a million times better. Our sandwich’s has candied pepper bacon, an egg which was perfectly cooked and a tomayo sauce, which was excellent and paired well with the sandwich. I am not sure what tomayo sauce was but it was really good.


I noticed over in the corner that Sorso also sponsors a child.


If you were looking for a cool place to check out at night, Sorso has an assortment of wines and beers.


It is only 15 minutes from Calgary and well worth the drive.

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