First off Luke’s Drug Mart doesn’t sound like your typical coffee place but they do sell coffee and by the number of people coming and going, they sell a lot of it.Luke’s is located down in Bridgeland just off Edmonton Trail. It has been around since 1951.

It’s funny before we even walked in a older guy was walking out of Luke’s, and seen me taking a picture. He commented on me using my IPAD, saying that is a pretty big camera. Then he asked if we were going in and of course we were, he said that he had lived in the neighbourhood for about forty years, and had seen the changes with Luke’s and didn’t seem to happy about the changes. He said he knew the original Luke, and then talked about him handing the drug mart over to his son. Now his son is making it his own and making more of a place for the younger crowd, selling records, and putting in a coffee shop etc.

This place sells everything and I mean everything. They have a little food market downstairs. Upstairs has a post office, a lottery booth, a pharmacy, they sell turntables, socks, underwear, some clothing and they even sell vinyl or for us older guys, albums, records whatever you relate to. This is a one stop shop.

Then at the front of the place they have a little coffee shop. They have a very simple menu, and a limited variety of pastries. The place was very busy with people coming in and getting their beverages to go. There was a woman in line after me who ordered 5 lattes to go. The guy making the drinks told her to make herself comfortable as it would be a while as there was only one guy making the drinks, so things were a little slow. There was also quite a few people just leaving because of the line up for coffee.

While I was waiting for our drinks, it gave me some more time to check the place out. Not a lot of places to sit and enjoy your drink, a few benches outside and a few stools inside.

Today we ordered the London Fog and a Dulce Latte. the drinks were pretty good with nice flavour. They also sell an assortment of coffee beans, which includes Four Barrel Coffee and my favourite Stumptown Coffee from Portland.


If you are looking for a cool place to go for a coffee, buy some vinyl or pick up a few groceries, check this unique little place out at least once.

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