After a disappointing start to our day, we decided to head over to Sidewalk Citizen Bakery for some breakfast in the old Simmons Building on the Riverwalk. When we arrived it was fairly busy.


We ordered the cranberry, white chocolate, orange scone and we also ordered a couple of bacon sandwiches. The scone was so good and had amazing flavour.


The scones were so good we decided to purchase 2 more to take home, along with a couple almond croissants and a loaf of sourdough bread. All the baked goods looked outstanding.

The bacon sandwiches had a fried egg, cured bacon, onion & chilli jam, garlic mayo and arugula. The sandwiches were excellent. I could’ve ate 2 of them.


We sat outside on the patio and enjoyed our breakfast. The riverwalk was a very busy place today, lots of people walking around, and riding bikes.

As we were leaving we seen people ordering lunch. The sandwiches and salads looked great. We definitely have to go back and have lunch.

Check this place out.

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