Cochrane Coffee Traders is located just off Main Street in Cochrane. This place looks like an old cabin on the outside and believe it or not it looks like an old cabin on the inside as well.

The decor is very rustic, they even have a wood burning fireplace in the corner. I think this would be a real treat in the fall and winter months enjoying a coffee and a muffin. They also have a loft area upstairs with some additional seating which was pretty cool. I think the only thing that would have made it better was a few couches by the fireplace. They also have a patio with a few benches on it, and they also have a few picnic tables outside as well.


The had 4 different coffee beans they were serving up yesterday, a dark, a light, a flavour and a decaf. I could only assume they change this up daily or weekly. Nice to have the choice. They also roast their own beans offsite.

The other thing I forgot to mention is that they offer a selection of alternate milks.

They had a pretty good selection of cookies, muffins and some other sweet treats for you to enjoy. Since we just finished lunch, we were only having a beverage today.


This afternoon we went with the London Fog and a Vanilla Latte. Both drinks tasted really good.


If coffee isn’t your thing, what am I saying, of course you are going there to have a coffee. It’s called coffee traders not tea traders. So if you are like my wife and prefer tea, there’s a ton of loose leaf teas also available. Let’s talk more coffee, they also have a good selection of coffee beans for sale.


Another thing I would like to mention is they really like their chalkboards as they are used every where for their menu boards.

The staff were pretty friendly, the only real issue I had was that they made my wife’s drink and then another staff member jumped in and made another customers drinks while the girl serving me had to wait to make my drink. Seemed a little odd that they would do this.

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