Today we were off to Canmore on a road trip searching for a great caffeinated beverage. Before we went looking for a beverage, we decided to stop by Hogshead for some lunch. This is not your typical burger and beer joint. They offer a good selection of craft beers and gourmet burgers featuring elk, bison rabbit and beef.


Hogshead is located on Main Street, it is a small place known for it’s Wild Boar Meatloaf Sandwich. I decided to order the fish & chips only because they were serving halibut and my wife went with the wild boar sandwich. It had mushrooms that is why I did not order it. The fish and chips were really good and the wild boar meatloaf sandwich was excellent, I wish I had ordered it but the mushrooms scared me. After seeing and tasting it, it was excellent. The meat was moist and the red wine demi glaze they served on it was also excellent. Scratch having wild boar of my wife’s to do list.

As we sat on the patio we had numerous people stop and ask how the food was. A couple of times I stopped eating and looked up only to find a person staring at me, and then ask how it is. The people walking around were all very friendly.

We did have one casualty during our time at Hogshead, a water glass was harmed during the making of this blog. Tables on the existing patio were very wobbly and while I was moving I took out the water glass, it could not be saved. They do have a new patio getting ready to open, just waiting for the furniture.

I want to apologize, I forgot to take a pictures of our meals. I also want to say the food was excellent. I think next time we are in Canmore, I would go back and try the Elk Burger. This was another local favourite.
Our server was very personable and very outgoing. She asked what are plans were for the rest of the day and I told her we was going for a caffeinated beverage. I told her where we was going and she said to try a different place. She also said that if we weren’t satisfied with her choice, we were told to come back and she would give us a free coffee at the Hogshead. She also pointed us in the right direction and we were off.

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