After trying a number of coffee places in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Vancouver and Canmore, this is one of my favourites for coffee dates with my wife. After having dinner at Lot 102, we decided we would stop into Higher Ground and have a little dessert and a beverage.

The barista was very friendly and helpful. This is our second time here and the service has been really good both times. Higher Ground has a cool eclectic feel to the place. We sat over by one of the front windows and people watched. Looking around Higher Ground, in one corner there was a couple of guys playing some sort of dice game and in a another corner a couple seemed to be working on some sort of project together. As we stared out the window, more people running around catching the Pokemon. It was quite entertaining watching the people cruise by with phones in hand and looking around.

My wife ordered the London Fog and I ordered the Great Divide (expresso, hot chocolate, Raspberry and chocolate whipped cream), it seemed interesting and I would definitely recommend you try this. What was really great is that the raspberry flavour was the same at the top of the drink as it was at the bottom of the drink. It was excellent. My wife is not a coffee drinker but she even tried this and said she will be ordering this on our next visit.


For dessert we ordered the grilled banana bread and a piece of the carrot cake. I have eaten in my day about 200 pieces of Starbucks banana bread, but it does not even compare to the grilled banana bread at Higher Ground. It is excellent. It is grilled to perfection, it’s crazy but there is actual grill marks on the banana bread. The spread that comes with it just adds to the flavour, it is a cinnamon, sugar spread. The layered carrot cake was moist and had a cream cheese icing. So good.

Higher Ground Cafe is a must go to when you want a coffee or whatever beverage you are into. It is a very popular place with a lot of folks and not necessarily just for the locals. At 10pm there was a line up in Higher Ground, which I found crazy. Higher Ground is open until 11pm on most nights and until 12am on Friday and Saturday nights.

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