Located on the NE corner of Memorial Drive and 10 Street NW. This place has been a number of different restaurants in the past. I have see it a number of times as we have driven by and thought we should go and check it out. So last night we did. Parking down in Kensington is always a struggle, so you just have to be patient, you will eventually find something.

We walked into Lot 102, not sure what kind of food they had, but checking out new places is always a risk. Tonight we were not disappointed.

For our evenings entertainment, we were able to watch a few guys surfing on the Bow River which was pretty cool. We also seen hoards of people, and I mean hoards of them walking by trying to catch Pokemon.


The views of downtown are terrific.

Our server was also excellent to deal with, very friendly.

We both had a crispy chicken sandwich, it had asiago mayo, bacon and a fennel apple slaw on it. Sandwiches we excellent. We also ordered the house cut fries and an order of their onion rings. The fries were the skinny fries and were pretty good. I was expecting a thicker fry. The onion rings were made out of red onion and were excellent as well. The food was well presented and didn’t take very long to get.


Overall, this is a pretty good place and would not hesitate to recommend it to everyone, I will be back and try something else. If I hadn’t had a burger for lunch, I would have went with the burger, because the choices sounded amazing. I would also like to try the Rosemary Lemon Fries.

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