On Friday, we headed to Altadore and check out Monogram Coffee. This location is not a very big place but is very bright with really big windows and has a really cool vibe to it. They had a pretty big area outside with a bunch of seating. As soon as we entered the shop we were approached by a staff member carrying an IPAD (pretty cool) and asked what we would like to order. All the staff we talked to were very friendly and very attentive to the people waiting in line. Keep up the good job.

We noticed there was no menu posted any where. At that point in time, the one girl handed us a menu. It was small in size but had several pages of choices. Once we got to the till to pay we noticed the drink specials.

They had a cabinet with some baked goods in it. There was minimal selection.
We ordered a couple of cold drinks today as it was extremely hot out today. The drinks we ordered were a Iced chai latte (refreshing but a little strong for my wife’s liking) and I ordered a Iced condensed milk latte (my drink was very smooth and very refreshing). Sorry no pictures of the drinks as it was hot and we started drinking them right away.

I have recently read that Monogram has opened a shop in Downtown Calgary. I haven’t been there yet, the shop sounds like it very big, bright and very open.

The other thing I noticed is that they offer a service where Monogram will come to your house and teach you how to make your favourite beverages and how to do coffee art.

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