It seems like more and more we end down in the Kensington area for coffee or for a meal. The area is filled with cool eateries, cool coffee shops and Vintage Caffeine Co. is another one worth checking out. It is located on the corner of 19 Street and Kensington Road NW. Vintage has only been open for about 4 months now.

The decor is very modern with a vintage vibe and very clean lines. They have some really cool tables with wood stools that look like they were made out of tree stumps. From what I have read this long high table is there to encourage a more european way of drinking coffee (standing up). They also have some metal chairs that don’t look to comfortable but they actually are. The shop has a few tables outside for those who would prefer to sit in the sun.

Both of the ladies working this morning were very friendly and made the place inviting.
Today we ordered the London Fog (earl grey tea, milk and vanilla syrup) and a Spanish Latte (a latte with condensed milk). The condensed milk makes the drink very creamy and rich. Today both drinks were very good. Coffee is supplied by Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters. My Spanish latte had some coffee art in the glass which is always a cool touch.


We also ordered an Almond Croissant and an Apple Croissant. The almond croissant was kind of dry but still tasty. The apple croissant was moist and very flaky. My wife was told that they currently get their baked goods from a few different bakeries. They had a pretty good selection of baked goods as well as I also noticed they serve panini’s.

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