On Friday, August 12, we headed down to Inglewood for our third night market. We got down there quite early, around 6pm. The first thing I noticed was there seemed to be a few more vendors, and of those there were a lot of different ones from the previous night market.


Once again, there was a live band playing, lots of people were sitting on chairs and on the grass listening to the band.


The boys from Calgary Heritage Roasting Company were down there, this time selling their goods out of the back of their truck. I had the chance to talk with one of the boys about roasting my own beans. These guys know their stuff. Check out their website and see what they have to offer. (http://www.calgaryheritageroastingco.com)

I also seen the mobile cart from KaffeeKlatsch, unfortunately didn’t stop by to talk. I recently heard that they are closing their closet location downtown. This is the location is where the business started. If you haven’t been there, go check it out before August 27. It is a cool little place.

We then headed over to Gravity Cafe to get ourselves a beverage and sit out on their patio and do some serious people/dog watching. Again, I can’t believe how many people have dogs. After we enjoyed our beverage, we went over to Bite and had some dinner. The food is excellent.

Lastly if you haven’t been to the Inglewood Night Market, please go and check it out, the next one is September 9th.

After we were done in Inglewood, we wanted to take our son who was in town for the weekend for a siphon coffee. So where did we go, we headed over to Cafe Blanca. We went there about a month ago for my first siphon coffee. On Friday night when we got there, there was a paint night going on, lots of inspiring artists trying their hands at painting. It was quite interesting to see how many different interpretations there were of the same painting. Cafe Blanca have other events on different nights, such as open mike night’s for singers, comedians, etc. If you can’t make to those events, follow them on Twitter and you can watch via Periscope everything that is going on at the cafe.


Anyway, we managed to make to the till to place our order, my son and I ordered a siphon coffee, and my wife ordered the London fog. My son was able to watch the whole process that goes into a siphon coffee. The girl that help us explain the whole process. The staff that we have dealt with at Cafe Blanca have all been excellent. I really like this place. Finally our coffee’s are ready, my son takes his first sip of his siphon coffee and then tries the regular brewed version of the exact same beans. He can’t believe the difference. We sat outside and enjoyed our beverages. What a way to spend an evening?

Check this place out and try a siphon coffee. You won’t be disappointed.

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