This is my final blog of my YYC weekend, we are at Buttermilk Fine Waffles down on 17th Ave SW.  This building is very modern and farmhouse inside.  There is a really nice long table in the middle of the restaurant.

When we walked in it was not crazy busy, it was nice there was two older couples, a group of three, and a mom with her two kids.  There is many kinds of waffles you can order, there is six sweet waffles and three savoury waffles.


My Mom ordered the seasonal Pina Colada and the Lemon Waffle, my Dad ordered the Village and the Blueberry waffle, and I ordered the S’more and the Village waffle.

The Pina Colada Waffle was absolutely delicious, just the right amount of sweet, the Lemon Waffle was to die for, the goat cheese made it super creamy and toned down the tart.


The Village Waffle with sticky toffee was unbelievable, and the Village Waffle with Village Vanilla Ice Cream was absolutely amazing.


The S’More Waffle was delicious, it tasted exactly like a fresh S’More, and the Village Waffle with Chocolate Sauce was very filling but amazing.


The Village Ice Cream adds such a dimension to the waffles and is just amazing.  We realized before today we have never had Village Ice Cream’s Vanilla before, it too was amazing.

The wafflers were very friendly, when they seen us taking pictures, they came over to ask if everything was okay… Of course it was, look at those waffles.

Tip: if you are going to come check this place out, make sure you come early because as we were finishing up it got really busy.  It’s exciting to see all these people support a local waffle shop.


Another really cool thing about Buttermilk is they have monthly movie nights and Wednesday Game Nights.  Have to check out a movie, I am going to try to get to “Jumanji”on August 29.


You gotta waffle here.



As an after breakfast caffeinated beverage we drove up to Philosafy Coffee across from Western Canada High School.  This place is so cool, they have 10 two seater tables out front, and when you come inside there is a bunch of tables surrounding the bar.

Their menu is limited but they service is plentiful.  I ordered a London Fog, Mom ordered a Hot Chocolate, and Dad ordered a Pour Over.

Once we sat down to people watch we started enjoy our drinks, the London Fog was great, and the Hot Chocolate was smooth and cocoa…ey.  The pour over is not as smooth as a siphon coffee, it wasn’t bitter, and it was very good.  Everything was delicious and I look forward to visiting again.


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