This cafe was recommended by Rick, the owner of Momento.  This location is in downtown Vancouver in Gastown.  When we arrived we seen that they have their own coffee brand of beans.  Each one sounded amazing.


Entering in this shop there is very interesting seating, there are longer tables and near the wall there is little two seater tables.  There is a little upstairs area that looked like an office.  This location was very busy there was a couple people working on their laptops, people in business meetings, and people just catching up.  The decor in this location is very steampunk modern, behind the bar is very industrial and the one wall is completely exposed brick.

We ordered a latte, a cappuccino, and a ginger tumeric iced tea.  We got some cool latte art on the tops of two of our beverage.  My daughter got a swan and I got a leaf, I wanted a swan, I have seen the swan but never have I ever got one.  As we were getting ready to leave a lady had some really cool latte art.  The baristas here have some seriously mad latte art skills.

They do offer pastries and little snacks, but nothing really essential.  The great thing about all their pastries is that they are all made on site.

The drinks were very good, the iced tea was very refreshing and it’s great that the ginger and tumeric work so well together.  The cappuccino is very good and stronger than some I’ve had, which I enjoy.  The latte is very good, it’s not as strong as what my daughter has had in the past, but still is very good.

Thank you Rick for the awesome recommendation.

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