This little coffee shop is located in Mount Pleasant just off of Kingsway and East 15th Ave.  This location is a stunning space and all their in-house baked goods are as delicious as their hand-crafted, single-origin coffees.


This location has a very big table that can seat 15 or so people and then there is a lounge section near the back corner.  At the front there is three two seater tables by the very large windows at the front of the cafe.  This cafe has very nice natural lighting from the front being all open windows. 

Today I ordered a latte and I added some honey, my wife and daughter ordered London Fog’s, and my son ordered a coffee which is a Cuchimba blend.  Every single beverage we received had latte art, except my sons coffee. 

The London Fogs were made with a powder where water and milk were added, it makes it very creamy and smooth.  The Latte with honey was really smooth and delicious.  The Cuchimba coffee was not bitter and very smooth with a profile of almond, chocolate, and butterscotch.

There was a very cool safe located on the back wall with antlers above… I wonder what they have in there.


An exciting little bonus is that there is two hour free parking along East 15th Ave, it’s limited but there is some spots out there. 

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