This coffee shop is located in Canoe, BC.  If you are wondering where that is exactly, it is a 10 minute drive from Salmon Arm heading East.  If you are heading on Highway 1 in either direction, you turn on 50th Street NE and follow it to the water.  It’s a little shop close to the tracks and 100 feet from the water.

When you walk in you get a pub feeling which you should since this used to be a pub, now a coffee shop.  The decor is very coffee inspired.  There is coffee beans outside in the flower pots, there is coffee bags on the roof, there is coffee bags used for drapes, there is coffee bag aprons on the baristas, and there is a giant coffee bean roaster that you can see from a window.

After looking at the menu we found that they have some cool stuff.  My wife ordered her usual, a London Fog, but my daughter and I ordered the Honey Macchiato, yo!  (We can thank Christian for the name!)


After talking to one of the baristas we found out that all their coffee is grown wild in the Cloud Rainforest in Mexico.  The Frog Friendly brand owns a part of the Cloud Rainforest which we found very interesting.

There was a really cool wall on the one side that had a ‘What are you Greatful For?’.  There were post-it notes that you were able to write on, so we created our own and took photos of some of our favourites.

While sitting here enjoying our beverages, my wife reads that they have fresh cut french fries, so that means we had to order some fries.  Unannounced to us, they don’t start making lunch until after 11am, but after waiting for a couple minutes we were able to get some.  We were super excited.

We noticed as we were leaving that they even had Coffee Beans in their flower beds out front of the shop.

If you are on your way to Alberta or on your way into British Columbia, you should definitely look this place up and stop in for a caffeinated beverage.

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