Guess who… yeah it’s me, Extreme Coffee Freaks daughter back with another blog.  Last night after dinner we decided to go and get a caffeinated beverage.  My parents took me to Higher Ground down in Kensington.  This place looks so small from the outside, but once you are inside it is a whole other story, there is so much room.

I was very shocked at how big their menu was, they had so many different kinds of drinks and a bunch of different food options.  I feel like I looked forever to try and figure out what I wanted to have to drink. 

Reading about all the different drinks I finally decided to get a S’more Mocha. My Mom ordered her usual, a London Fog.  My Dad ordered a Vanilla Latte.  They have both been there lots of time prior to taking me. 

As a nice dessert I ordered a Nanaimo Bar and Dad ordered a slice of Carrot Cake.  Both were very good and very satisfying.

As we were sitting there enjoying our beverages and our sweet desserts, I realized how busy it got even at 9:30pm.  There was a giant line, I guess it makes sense why they were voted Calgary’s Best Cafe.


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