This post is coming a little late, I have been so busy at work, and for that I am sorry that I didn’t get a chance to post this sooner. 

On August 27, we were out in the South side of the city and I remembered that there was a place that I wanted to check out because their specialty is Pie.  You can never go wrong with a great slice of pie.  We visited Pies Plus located in the Avenida Shopping Centre just off of Lake Fraser Drive in the South East.  We had some difficulty finding it because there is multiple shops in this little Shopping Centre.

When we entered it was a little and I mean little there was only 10 tables, and there was a bunch of artwork on the walls from local artists.  Looking over the menu everything sounded amazing, and their Pies looked amazing.  We had read that they also had caffeinated beverages but when we went up to order it was hard to see where that menu was since it was off on the right side on a completely different wall.

Since it was lunch time we ordered some lunch, my daughter ordered a Ham and Cheese Sandwich with a side Ceaser, my wife and I ordered the Chicken Salad Sandwich with a side of Ceaser.  All the food was absolutely delicious.

For a caffeinated beverage, my daughter ordered a Caramel Latte, my wife ordered a London Fog, and I ordered a Vanilla Latte.  The drinks were awesome, they were so hot that we could hardly hold the mugs.  Once they cooled down they were delicious.


After we completed our lunch we had to try some of their pie.  We ordered a slice of Peach Pie and a slice of Apple Pie.  We asked for the Apple Pie to be warmed up with some ice cream.  When the waiter brought the pies over we asked if it was homemade ice cream since the pie’s are all homemade.  To our surprise we found out that they use Marble Slab ice cream it adds a nice creaminess to the pies.

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