This past Saturday we headed down to Calgary’s smallest coffee shop for a beverage. This is the last time we will be going here as KaffeeKlatsch is closing down and moving to a bigger shop. If you have read my previous blog about Kaffeeklatsch, the shop is about 25 sq ft. That’s right about a 5’ x 5’ closet. Jessica and her team are moving into their new shop which will be about 800 sq ft. No more going outside to change your mind. What will you do with all the space?

After we ordered our beverages, we sat inside as it wasn’t that nice outside. They do have a great outside seating area. As we sat there, Jessica came in and sat down with us and was painting some coffee cups for the big party that was happening later in the day. Jessica was up and down talking with other customers that were coming in.


At that time I posted some pictures of KaffeeKlatsch on Instagram. Jessica then came back and found out my other identity as Extreme Coffee Freak. I was thrilled to hear that she had read some of my other blogs.


Jessica then sat down with us again and we proceeded to chat with her about coffee in general, why I decided to start doing my blog and some of the places that both of us had been for caffeinated beverages.

Normally I would let you know what we had for drinks but this day wasn’t about the coffee but about the experience and the atmosphere at KaffeeKlatsch on this last day open.


We look forward to her new shop opening in January some time.

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