Breakfast places in Calgary continue to impress me and on Saturday morning we decided to get up and head out for breakfast. One place that my wife and I have been wanting to try, so we headed down to Bridgeland to the Blue Star Diner. When we arrived we had to put our name on a list and the lady said it would roughly be a half an hour wait. We were waiting no matter what. So we asked for a menu and we waited our turn outside. We seen a bunch of people put their names in, then walk down the street to Starbucks and get a coffee. They also serve coffee at the door which is a really great touch while you are waiting.


When we arrived we didn’t know how big the place was, there was about 10 tables and about seven seats up at the bar. The diner is very cozy and well decorated.

We were pleased to find out that Blue Star Diner locally sources all of their ingredients. This is something that other places should start doing. Blue Star Diner is partnered up with the Meal Share Program. This is great to see and is an awesome organization.
Everything on the menu sounded amazing. When we sat down at our table we ordered some drinks, we had milk and fresh pressed apple juice. As for our food I ordered the Triple Double, which was a lot of meat, three eggs, hash browns, and toast. I was literally in a meat coma.


My wife ordered the Broek Pulled Pork Benny, which was Eggs Benedict with pulled pork from a local farm named Broek Farms located in Coalhurst Alberta. My daughter ordered the Stuffed French Toast with a farm berry compote that came with hash browns. Food came out in a timely manner.

Blue Star doesn’t do expresso drinks, they do diner coffee. They use Fratello Coffee. I did over hear a guy say it was excellent.

Everything was amazing and and done right. All the staff were excellent and extremely friendly and never made you feel rushed even though there is a huge line up waiting. I know that we would go back there again to try their lunch items.

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