This afternoon we are down on 17th Ave at Una Pizza and Wine.  We first entered the Takeaway side which is where you can buy pizza by the slice as well you can get coffee and desserts.  The other side of this location is the restaurant which was extremely busy.  We walked in and since our whole party was here we were able to be seated right away.  So word of advice if you are heading down make sure everyone is here before you head in, otherwise you will be waiting till your whole group is here.

We got a starter of a walnut stuffed Persian date, wrapped with prosciutto and baked finished with vin cotto.  It sounded good so we thought why not try it. It was excellent.

We decided to try two of their pizzas which were their Perogi Pizza (sour cream, fennel sausage, potatoes, green onion, friulano, and black pepper) and the Betline (double smoked bacon, fennel sausage, smoked mozzarella, and maple syrup). Both pizzas came on a thin crust. The perogi pizza was excellent. The Beltline pizza was outstanding. You think having maple syrup on a pizza may freak you out but you need to try it. It adds a flavour that totally compliments bacon and all the other ingredients on this pizza. The other thing I wanted to mention is that the crust is not soggy as you might think it might go that was with the maple syrup. Would definitely order both of these pizzas again.

The atmosphere was really welcoming and it looked like there was a wide range of customers in this location.  There were young couples, older couples, groups of friends, and families.  On every table it looked like their was at least one pizza, but most had two.  Una’s restaurant is long and narrow (20 feet wide) with enough tables for 50 people and a long bar that can sit 15 or so people.


You don’t want to come here if you have a headache or if you are trying to study for an exam.  The restaurant is very loud and busy.

A really cool thing about Una is that they participate in the Meal Share program which is when you buy certain items on their menu they will provide a meal to someone in need. Today the Perogi Pizza was one of those meals.

Una took part in the YYC Pizza Week and they entered with a Cheeseburger Pizza (tomato sauce, hamburger beef, provolone and cheddar cheese, and pickled jalapeños).  I’m sure it is delicious, but not my kind of pizza.

One thing you should know is that Una does not take reservations. So be prepared to wait a while. Service was great, staff were very friendly and patient.

After we finished dinner we walked down 17th Ave and then came back around and stopped back at Una Takeaway for a caffeinated beverage and dessert.  The barista was absolutely amazing, he answered all of our questions, our concerns, and generally gave us a wicked idea of Una as a whole.  He was very personable and you could really tell he loved his job.  He told his favourite desserts and we ended up trying two of them.  We ordered a Churro Pie, Chocolate Pecan Pie, and Pumpkin Pie.  For beverage we had a Chai Latte and Cafe Miel which is a Honey Cinnamon Latte.


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