Rosso Coffee Roasters – Ramsay

On September 25 2016 we headed out to visit Rosso Coffee Roasters flagship store in Ramsay. This store is located in the old Dominion Bridge Building. This building dates back to 1927, and is a great old brick building that now houses several other businesses. Rosso has been in this location since 2007.

Rosso has made the shop look industrial and a little bit modern, this includes having their coffee roaster in plain sight and open for all to look at while in operation. The day we were there, they weren’t operating the roaster. I have been to three of the Rosso locations and they all have their own personality.

Like all their other stores they offer a wide variety of baked goods and they also have a menu that offers breakfast and lunch items that are available all day.

Today my wife ordered the Chia Tea Latte and I ordered the Honey Latte. The one thing I have found since visiting several of the Rosso locations is they always serve a great drink. My wife absolutely loves their Chia Tea Lattes, she tells me this is one of the best she has ever had. My Honey Latte, or could be called a Sweet Latte, is sweetened with honey. Two Wheel Espresso is always a great blend for your espresso drinks. The coffee is always excellent.


Rosso has not disappointed me after visiting several of their locations.
Rosso Victoria Park

Tonight we decided to go to Rosso Coffee Roasters down in Victoria Park. This location is small and intimate. There is four tables, a high bar, and a long table that could sit ten people. Their service bar is very clean and sleek and they have a wine cooler behind the counter filled with pop, beer, wine, and kombucha. Rosso has a limited menu, but everything is absolutely delicious.

Tonight we ordered a Chai Latte and a Sweet Latte. The Chai is absolutely amazing that my wife completely chugged it down. The Sweet Latte was made with Costa Rican Espresso which added a new level of taste. The Sweet Latte was absolutely excellent.

I also ordered a Turkey Havarti Sandwich it had Grape Tomatoes, Spinach, and Sriracha Mayo. It was so good that I completely forgot to take a picture until I ate half the sandwich.

They were having a Latte Art Competition and we were invited to stay and watch, but we decided since it was Rosso employee challenge, we decided to head out and watch online.


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