On Saturday we decided to go to the Symons Valley Ranch Farmers Market to pick up a few last items for Turkey Dinner and there is a Phil and Sebastian’s here.  This is a small little location located in the back food area, there is a lot of reclaimed wood tables and banquet style chairs.


The baristas were very nice and were willing to talk about their designs.  Today we ordered a Dulce and a couple of Hot Chocolates.  Each drink had different latte art which was really cool.  After learning about latte art last night we were able to name each of the designs on top of our drinks.

The dulce had a heart on top, one of the hot chocolates was a tulip, the other hot chocolate was a rosetta.


The hot chocolates were rich in chocolate flavour and the dulce was very delicious with a Caramel taste.

As we were sitting there enjoying our drinks, on of the barista’s called us to show us his signature latte art. His go to piece is a swan.

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