Located in Marda loop in the SW.


It’s a small place with tons and tons of board games, hence the name of the place. What surprised me was that they are more of a restaurant than a coffee shop. I walked up expecting it to be a small coffee shop and it is two levels. I later found out that they were expanding to the lower floor for more gaming. Looks to be very family oriented. A few families with small kids were here.

Pips is a fully licensed restaurant with a library of over 500 games. If you are there to just play games they charge $5.00 per person to play unlimited games. The have a games master to recommend or even help you pick/play games.

Pip , a noun

A. A dot indicating a unit of numerical value on dice or dominos

B. A mark indicating the suit or numerical value of a playing card.

On the walls of the cafe was some cool artwork that was for sale by a local artist.

One thing I noticed was that Pips supports other local businesses such as Rosso Coffee Roasters, Village Brewery, Last Best Brewing & Distilling, and Wild Rose Brewery. That’s great to see.

Sunday morning was not a good day for coffee because today, I think I had one of the worst coffee’s I have ever had. I ordered a Caramel Latte and it lacked flavour and almost tasted watered down. My wife ordered the Earl Grey Latte, it too lacked flavour to the point she had to add sugar to give some flavour.


At this point in time I really hope the food is good because the beverages certainly were not.

My wife ordered the Traditional Eggs Benny and I ordered the Chorizo Eggs Benny. Both meals were mediocre. Nothing really impressed me about today’s meal. The hollandaise sauce on both of the eggs benny had an acidic taste to it. Not sure what to think of that.

The most positive thing I can say was the young lady that was serving us was excellent. She was super friendly and very helpful. At the end of our meal when she came over with our bill, I asked her a few questions and her answers were very thorough and informative. Kudos to you, make sure you keep her.

All I can say to finish this off is, based on what I have read/heard and now my personal experience, go for the gaming and eat/drink before you go.

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