The location we visited was located in North Vancouver.

I am not usually big on promoting chains but JJ Bean Coffee Roasters on Lonsdale Avenue was a pretty cool place. It was day two of my visit and today we were over in North Vancouver. It appears to be a trendy looking area. It was extremely busy.

I was really impressed with the decor of this location. It was very cool and a trendy place with very modern clean lines. They had these wood beams running from floor to ceiling that gave the place a forest like appearance. There was lots of seating inside including some more secluded booths for a more intimate setting. There was also a lot of cool seating outside on their patio.

My son ordered the French press and I ordered the Vanilla latte, both drinks were excellent. The coffee has a bold rich flavour that is really enjoyable.

Prices were pretty good. I think I paid about $8.00 for both drinks. Prices were comparable to other cafes I have visited during my trip. We decided not to order any food, but the baked goods did look delicious.

One complaint I would have about this place is that the drink menu seemed non-existent. Not that I need a menu to order from but it would be good to know what I was going to be paying for our drinks. I did see that they had the baked goods and the bottled drinks priced.

The staff were very friendly and seemed very knowledgable. I had some pretty decent latte art displayed in my cup. They also had some great music playing in the shop.

I will definitely visit another one of their locations the next time I am in Vancouver.

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