On November 24, I just arrived in Vancouver to visit my son, when he said let’s go get a coffee. Who am I to argue with him! He said we were going to a place that he had taken his girlfriend to before.

Cafe Joie is located in Burnaby just down the street from Metrotown.

It’s a small place but tastefully decorated and the atmosphere is very nice. Seemed like a place you could come and just relax and enjoy a beverage. Most tables were smaller but in the one corner was a large round table that had a group of about 10 ladies around it. They looked like they had been there a while. There was quite a few people coming in picking up stuff to go. I would think it was people picking up stuff before they go to the mall just down the street. They do have a patio but seating looked very limited and maybe they had put some seating away for the winter.

I ordered a Caramel Machiatto and my son ordered an Americano. Both drinks were very good.


I seen that they used JJ Bean Coffee Roasters as their bean of choice. I have seen a couple of cafés in Calgary use them as well. I have not been to one of their shops though, maybe on this trip if we have time.

We didn’t order any food today, but they do have quite the assortment of macaroons and other baked goods. They also had some really good looking cheesecake slices. They also serve waffles and based on the pictures that I seen they look absolutely delicious.

We found this location strange in comparison, normally you pick up your drinks and they will bring you your food, but this location doesn’t bring anything to you. We had to get up and get everything from the bar ourselves. The prices are decent here, as their drinks are around $3 and their waffles are around $10 (worth the portion size). I would like to come back next time I am back in Vancouver.

The staff were very friendly, not very talkative but very nice. Our order was processed quickly and drinks were right and looked good.

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