Tonight we are at Cafe Blanca down in Eau Claire. We decided to venture out in the “freezing” cold weather and go for another YYC Hot Chocolate.  Cafe Blanca is called Hazelnut Haven which is a creamy thick hazelnut drinking chocolate with a fluffy layer of marshmallows and vanilla whipped cream.

My wife and daughter are trying the hot chocolate, my son had a Latte with Almond Milk, and I had to have a Siphon with the an Ethiopian blend.


After taking a few sips of the hot chocolate we found that it had a very strong hazelnut flavouring almost similar to Nutella. If you really love hazelnut this is the drink for you, if you are not a fan of hazelnut than maybe steer clear from this drink.

As we were enjoying our drinks one of the baristas came over after I asked some questions about a Siphon coffee.  He ensured me that I will eventually master the Siphon coffee.  It really just takes practice and patience.  He walked me through the different temperatures that I should be trying to hit with the blends that I have at home.

There is a few more dollars for Meals on Wheels and here is to more to come.

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