Today we ventured out to the Tea Factory down on Fourth Street.  The roads were not ideal but we had to go out and support and have yet another YYC Hot Chocolate.  This is one of my daughter and my wife’s favourite places to come since they have the best matcha latte’s that my daughter has ever had.

The Tea Factory YYC Hot Chocolate is called Matcha Made In Heaven which is an exquisite mélange of ceremonial grade Matcha, and a velvety dark chocolate ganache swirling in coconut cream.


My son had an Americano and I had a Vanilla Latte, both my wife and daughter had the Matcha Made In Heaven.  The Americano was very good with a little almond milk and my vanilla latte was excellent as usual.

The hot chocolate was smooth with the taste of Matcha and chocolate with amazing coconut whipped cream.  It was a great pairing of flavours.

Hopefully the next time we head out to enjoy a hot chocolate it will be a little warmer and the roads would be in better conditions.

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