Today we are at a local Mom and Pop Cafe just off of Northmount Drive called The Bullet Coffee House.  It is a very small location that you would miss if you were not looking for it.  Located on the end of a strip mall, it has a lot of potential.

Walking in we noticed that there was not a lot of seating, two tables with two seats, a bar with a couple seats and a couch in the front window.  Talking to the owners we learned that they are still learning how things are working in their little shop.  They use their own brand of coffee while they support a Canadian Honey Farmer.

They had a few drinks on their menu that they were fans of, so we thought we would try a couple.  I ordered Honey Latte, my wife had a Chai (which was not as good as she had hoped), my son had an Americano, and my daughter tried the White Chocolate Matcha (which was very sweet, even for her).

I think that this little cafe will do great, but they have a little way to go.  We will plan to revisit in the summer to see if they have improved and to see if they have added a patio along the side of the shop.

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