Today we wanted to try somewhere new, in my searching I found NHBR, which I believe is Neighbor.  They are located in Altadore and it is a prime location on a corner lot.  It is very small and very easy to miss, the first time we drove right by, since there is a lack of signage.

Once we found parking we walked up next to a very nice could-be patio around to the front entrance.  When you walk in there is a single bench to your left, to your right there is a cooler with cold beverages, and in front of you there is a long service bar with a cooler to the right with their food products made by Our Daily Brett.

When we visited they were still under construction but very happy to see customers.  They were very friendly and more than happy to talk.  We seen that they were using a brand of coffee that we had never seen before, it is out of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia called Anchor Coffee.

After looking at the menu, we decided to try a couple interesting beverages.  My daughter ordered a Vanilla Latte (which lacked vanilla flavour), my son had an Americano, my wife had a Chai (which was made with tea instead of a mix), and I tried something new a Tumeric Coconut Latte.  Which to my surprise had absolutely no coffee involved even though it was under coffee on their menu.  It was very delicious and the flavours where on point!

We will definitely be going back to see how the space has changed and hopefully see if they have more signage in place.

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