On Saturday we decided to go and try out a new pizza place called Village Flatbread Co. in the south. We decided to head over because they have some vegan options and my son’s girlfriend is vegan and we wanted her to try out this place.

When we arrived it was very little inside, just enough space for one table and then outside there was three tables. We took over a big table since there was five of us. A very nice gentleman came out to talk us through the menu, later we found out he is the owner.

After reviewing the menu, you head inside to order and we decided on the Brentwood which is a starter of Brushetta and a Montgomery which is a starter salad. Both were absolutely amazing.

As for the main dishes we ordered the Bridgeland, the Red Stone, the Shaganappi, and the Harvest Hills. All the pizza’s were amazing! My son and his girlfriend ordered the vegan versions of their pizza’s and his girlfriend said that this pizza was way better than Virtuous Pie in Vancouver who specializes in vegan pizzas.

This little location is all natural, local, and organic and I could see them doing really well with where they are located on 17th ave just off of Crowchild Trail.

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