Recently we decided to head to the Southwest and visit a little cafe who caters to mostly bicyclists. It is located on the corner of 17th ave and the on ramp to South Crowchild Trail. It is located in a modern apartment building called Market 17, also located in this building is a steampunk inspired barber.

When we first entered this location, we were very unsure because it was a grocery store. In the back of the shop there was a little counter where they had all their baked good and some products for sale.

Their beverage menu was very small and it seemed like when we asked about a couple of the menu options they didn’t even have them, yet they were still on the menu. When we decided  what we were going to have, we ordered an Americano, a Matcha Latte, and two Vanilla Lattes. As for the baked items we had a raisin danish, a pear muffin, and an oat cookie.

Everything was very good, although my wife has had a better Matcha Latte at other coffee shops we have visited.

As for seating, we decided since it was such a nice day out we sat on the “patio” that only had a couple tables with little seating. I believe inside they had more seating just beside the grocery store location.

You can clearly tell that this is a grab-and-go coffee shop, so if you are on the go, stop and grab a coffee and a delicious pastry item.

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