While in Lethbridge we decided to check out this place I have seen in the past called Cuppers. It is located in the old bakery right in downtown Lethbridge. Inside was big, but they had so much coffee and tea supplies everywhere.

In one whole area it was all tea and tea products. Everywhere else they had coffee. Along one whole wall they had so many different kinds of coffee beans, from all around the world. After looking at what they had, I decided to get some called Shark Attack.

While we were shopping we also found that they have an area that you can purchased beverages to go. We got a Peach Ice Tea, a Vanilla Latte, a Black Tea, and a London Fog. Each beverage was delicious, it was just sad that we had to get then to go. We enjoy sitting and enjoying the beverages at the location. Cuppers didn’t have a place to sit and enjoy the beverages.

I feel like our next trip down south we will stop back at Cuppers to get some more new kinds of coffee and maybe some new kinds of tea.


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