On our way to Lethbridge, we decided to stop in Vulcan and get a coffee at this little coffee shop on the corner. Since we are in Vulcan everything is Star Trek inspired. This little cafe had Spock inspired beverages and food items.

Walking into this little shop there was a couple people sitting around a table talking and in the front corner of the cafe they have a little makers shop that was selling headbands and other small items.

When we got up to order there was really only one thing my daughter wanted and that was a Spockuccino. It was a Caramel Swirl Frapaccino. I had a Caramel Macchiato, my son had an Americano, and my wife had a Snow White Chai. All of the beverages were absolutely delicious.

Their kitchen was surrounded by reclaimed wood and they had a display case with a bunch of food items that looked amazing.

After we enjoyed our amazing beverages we walked next door to Batter Up Bakery where they had  dessert treats for an amazing price. We managed to get twelve misfit buttertarts for twelve dollars. It was awesome.


Then we headed to Lethbridge.

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