Stems – Red Deer

On our second trip to Edmonton we stopped in Red Deer again, but this time we visited a very unique coffee shop. It was actually a flower shop that also sold coffee. It was definitely a different experience sitting amongst flowers enjoying a hot beverage.

Since they didn’t have very many options it made our selection quite simple, we ordered a Vanilla Latte and a couple London Fogs. We also got a blueberry loaf and a cheese bagel with cream cheese.

Everything was good, but the drinks could have been hotter since they were way to easy to drink. We then realized that they didn’t have a real milk steamer or anything like that, it was one of those push button steamed milk with mixture machines.

It makes sense since they probably don’t have many people getting fancy beverages, looking at the flowers and enjoying a beverage.

I cannot see us going back to this cafe again, unless we were going to get flowers.

Bru – Edmonton

This was the coolest place I think that we visited in Edmonton. It was down on Jasper Ave and it is a coffee and beer house.

On the back wall there is a poster explaining the numerous different kinds of beers. On the opposite wall there is a poster explaining coffee. The night we went there, there was only a couple people drinking hot beverages.

After looking at all the amazing items they had there, I decided to get a pour over, and my wife and daughter had a hot chocolate with baileys. Little to my knowledge this little trip would cost as much as it did, the shot of baileys for each hot chocolate was really expensive. My daughter even bought a small container of orange juice and it was eight dollars, which seemed like a lot.

On the upside, the beverages were delicious. The pour over was so amazing, I could really taste the different notes from the coffee. The way my daughter makes her hot chocolate is mostly baileys with a little hot chocolate, the way Bru makes the hot chocolate is mostly hot chocolate with a little baileys.

It was nice and quiet while we were there, and it was amazing because we got to talk to the guys there and see where else they would suggest us going to check out.

I could really see us visiting this location again, but maybe next time try some of their amazing alcoholic beverages they have.

Cafe Blackbird – Edmonton

This cafe is located in a strip mall in a community. From the outside it just looks like a store front, but when you walk it directly to the right there is product for sale, and then there is a long counter with tables to the left. While we were there, the tables inside were pretty full, so we decided to sit outside since it was a gorgeous day.

After looking over their menu, we ordered a couple London Fogs, an Americano and a Vanilla Latte. Each of their beverages came with a little biscotti, which was a nice addition to any of the beverages.

While sitting outside it was hard to see anything because you are on a side street, so you are there just to enjoy, not to people watch. The street was quiet with a car every once in a while, so it was pretty peaceful, minus the fact that there were wasps everywhere buzzing around.

When we were leaving we were looking at the dessert items they had and it all looked delicious, until you ask how much they were. It seemed like they were a little over priced for how much you got.

Overall the experience here was a good one, would we go back? I don’t know.

District – Edmonton

For our final coffee for the weekend, we stopped at District Cafe and Bakery. This was a very strange cafe we have visited. They had a small outside patio, and inside there was very few tables with a very long bar with numerous alcoholic items behind, instead of ordering inside like everywhere else, there was a waiter who came to you.

Today we ordered a London Fog, a Cappuccino, and a Vanilla Latte, to go with those beverages we ordered a slice of chocolate cake and a banana cream pie, which we thought would be a slice, but it came out as a six inch pie. I’m glad we were sharing it.

Overall the experience was good, could have been better since we wanted one thing on the menu and they said they didn’t have it, it shouldn’t even be on the menu is what the girl told us.

As for the food, it was good, and the drinks were good, but could have been way better. I cannot see us visiting this cafe anytime soon. They could have had better service and just overall better everything.


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