About a month ago I starting seeing posts on Instagram about UTCA. So during the Christmas break we decided to go down to Victoria Park just off of MacLeod Trail to check this place out.

Utca, which means “street” in Hungarian, makes chimney cakes and chimney cake cones. The Hungarian street food is made with dough that’s wrapped into a tubular, hollow shape and rotated in the oven until it’s cooked. 

The Interior

The inside of the shop is made up of exposed concrete walls with some reclaimed wood near the entrance and in the seating area. There is seating for about 30 people. The long seating against the wall is nice as they have placed cushions down. They also have some shelves up for the goods that they sell. On the walls they have some artwork for sale.

The Drinks

We ordered were a couple of honey lattes and a chai tea latte. First, the chai tea latte was not very good, taste wise it was very weak and lacked flavour. My wife over the past year has drank numerous chai tea lattes and this was one of the worst she has had. My daughter and myself had the honey latte. These drinks were really good. It was great to see that UTCA uses Drizzle honey in their honey lattes, Drizzle honey has a great taste.

My biggest complaint was the wait time for our drinks. By the time we got our drinks, our food was cold.

The Food

I ordered a Breakfast Cone, which is a cone shaped chimney cake filled with egg and bacon. It was made fresh and was pretty good. My only complaint was that it took a long time to get.

My wife ordered the Cinnamon Sugar chimney cake with icing cream cheese. The cake itself was already made and was not warm. It was actually pretty tough to tear apart. They also gave us a small dish of the icing cream for dipping.

My daughter originally ordered the Cheese and bacon bits chimney cake but after the lady helping us couldn’t get the bacon bits to stick so she recommended the Cheese and Herb chimney cake instead. You think if the Cheese and bacon bits is on the menu, you would know how to get the bacon to stick to it.

We also had tried to order a chimney cake with ice cream, only to be told that they were cleaning the ice cream maker.

The Service

Overall the service was ok. The people working were very pleasant.


Unfortunately, I don’t think we will be going back to UTCA. The prices are high, 3 of us with 3 drinks and 3 chimney cakes came to about $50. I could have went for a nice lunch somewhere for that kind of money. So I am sorry to say that I would not recommend this place to anyone.

Parking and Location

There is some street parking as well as some parking out back of the building.

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