A few weeks ago, I was informed by a colleague of my daughters about a new coffee shop that opened on Centre Street, just before you head downtown in Crescent Heights. The building was built in 1930. I had said to my wife that it’s always cool when they open up coffee shops in historic old buildings. In Crescent there isn’t too much in the way of a place to get a great cup of coffee. The neighbourhood doesn’t have to wait any longer. They now have Sought & Found.


The Interior

The shop itself is very quaint and charming. You have to love the old wood floors and the open ceilings. The shop itself is not very big and seats about 20 people. While we were there, more people were picking up and leaving with their beverages. The storefront offers lots of natural light. Inside, the shop is partitioned, with the bar on the left and the seating on the right and at the front of the store, the entire space boast full rich reclaimed woods, white walls and exposed brick. They also have some cool artwork on the walls.

The Drinks

While many people find it odd that my wife does not care for coffee. She does come and support my desire to check out cool coffee shops. Every time we go to a coffee shop, she simply declines a coffee, but she does manage to find something to drink, be it a London Fog or a tea of some sort.

What I like about Sought x Found is how simple the menu is. See the picture below. As for the coffee, Sought x Found is a small batch roaster. On that day I ordered a pour over, my wife ordered the London Fog and my daughter ordered the Matcha and milk.


The pourover had some excellent flavours. Sought x Found had 3 different blends they were doing pour-overs with. I tried the Nueva Linda, which is a Mexican blend they were featuring. Overall, the coffee was a sweet, smooth medium-bodied brew.

The London Fog was excellent, Sought x Found does something different that we haven’t seen at any other café. First off they don’t use any sweeteners in the drink, they garnish with Cardamom seeds on top, which adds something to the taste. My wife said the best London Fog she has ever had. My daughter had the Matcha and milk, said it was good but a little strong for her liking.

Here is an interesting fact is that Sought x Found orders its organic milk from Vital Green Farms and not a supermarket, to make sure they get quality ingredients going into their drinks.

They also have vegan milk options for the vegans out there, as it says vegans are cool too.


The Food

We order a couple butter croissants and they very flaky and excellent. We also ordered an Apple oatmeal cookie, which was also excellent. It was great to see that they were getting there baked goods from Butter Block here in Calgary.


The Service

There were 3 people working the day were in the shop and everyone was very friendly and helpful. The owners Kitty and Caleb and their adorable daughter were there. They were all out walking around and talking to the customers in the shop ensuring their experience was good. Which ours was. I look forward to going back there on tomorrow (Jan 8) for their grand opening.

Their Hours

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it one thousand times: I love quality coffee shops that stay open late. Sought x Found’s hours are limited, opening at 7:30am and closed by 6pm during the week. Saturday 8am to 5pm. They are closed on Sunday’s, which is one of my favourite days for getting a beverage somewhere. Not sure being closed on Sunday’s will hurt them or not. Hopefully not.

Location and Parking

There is some street parking as well as some parking out back of the building.


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