Edelweiss Village is located in North West. Now it isn’t your typical coffee shop we typically check out but when I seen all the other things they do, I thought we should go check it out.

It is a café/restaurant with quite an extensive menu, but why I wanted to go was because it is a little European market. Also, I really wanted to take my wife there. Once we entered Edelweiss Village, my wife’s eyes lit up as she started to see stuff that she grew up enjoying with her Grandmother. It was very cool to see the look on her face as we walked around.


The Interior

To start with there is European knick knacks all over the place including a whole wall of Coo-Coo clocks. Then as you walk around, you come across food items from all over Europe, some with labeling in German, some in French. It was quite interesting and amazing the number of products they have in the place.

Then you walk over to the food counter, they have a lot of pastries, and other bake goods all made in house. As you walk further down the counter, you come across the lunch items.

They have quite a few seats in the restaurant. Décor is very old fashion.

The Drinks

The drinks we tried today were as follows:

I tried the Vanilla Latte, my wife had the Swiss hot Chocolate and my daughter had the Moccachino.

I unfortunately don’t have much to say about the drinks, but they were not that good. Lacking flavor was probably the best thing I could say.

The Food

We ordered the following items to enjoy with our beverages:

We ordered a piece of the Russian Cheesecake, a piece of the Strawberry Torte and a piece of the Mandarin Torte.

The Russian Cheesecake wasn’t your typically cheesecake, it was more of a square. Normally you expect a cheesecake to be smooth and creamy and this was not.

The 2 pieces of torte we ordered were quite large, but only the Mandarin torte had really good flavors, the strawberry torte was not bad but again didn’t have great flavor. Fillings were very creamy and smooth.

Overall, I most likely wouldn’t order these items again if I was to go back there.

Other Food

The Service

Overall the service was really good. The ladies were very friendly and helpful with all our questions.


I wouldn’t go back for the coffee, I may go back and try the lunch menu out as that food looked outstanding but that can be deceiving as well as the baked goods looked great as well.

As far as the market side of things, my wife would like to go back and purchase a few things.

Parking and Location

They have a number of parking spots available on their lot but I would suggest if you a truck, park on the road as the parking lot is a little tight.

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