On Boxing Day we decided to head down in Victoria Park at The Beltliner. Gotta love that. We have driven by this place so many times that today we decided to stop in and try their breakfast. We had read reviews that it had amazing food, so today was the day that we were finally going to try it.

After finding some parking on the street we walked half a block to enter in this very unique diner. Once you enter there is drapes to keep the cold out, after looking at some amazing posters that they have on the wall we put our name on the list.

The host said it would be a little, but encouraged us to order some beverages. We decided to try the Vanilla Latte, a Chai Tea Latte, and a White Chocolate Matcha Latte. We where then encouraged to take a seat in the adjoined hotel lobby.

While we were waiting my daughter was flipping through a cookbook that they sell, there was some really exciting recipes that she was excited to try and make.

When our name was called we were escorted to our very comfortable booth and handed some menus. We then handed our post-it to our waiter to make sure she charged us for our beverages.

While we waited for our food, my daughter went to return the cookbook, the owner stopped her, and wished her a Merry Christmas and handed her the book back. What the owner didn’t know is my daughter used to work for the Victoria Park BRZ and  had met several times before this time.

When our food arrived, our mouths dropped open in such awe of the beautiful food that was sat down in front of us. After taking a couple bites, the food definitely did not disappoint. 

We decided on the Clubhouse which is a Mealshare item, the Beltliner Benedict, and the Beltliner Burger. Everything was absolutely delicious.

We plan on visiting The Beltliner again since there is so many different menu items to try, and we look forward to visiting.



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