Euphoria is always our go to cafe and since it was the start of YYC Hot Chocolate Fest we decided that we should try this one first. Their hot chocolate is called the Cirque Du Chocolat, it is their famous hot chocolate infused with toffee, it has a sprinkle of marshmallows, a handful of buttered popcorn, a drizzle of dark chocolate and a dash of chocolate bits.

We thought it would be strange with the buttered popcorn, but it was so delicious, how it was combined with the dark chocolate drizzle was amazing. Something about sweet and salty really work together the best. All the flavours worked really well together. Even though there were chunks of popcorn in the drink it really didn’t bother us as much as what we had thought they would.

Overall this hot chocolate was way better than the one they made last year! As well it was a great way to start YYC Hot Chocolate Fest!

Follow us as we venture out over the next month to try as many hot chocolates as we can.

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