Sucre is another one of our favourite cafes since they have amazing pastries and other assorted items. Their hot chocolate is called the Orange Florentine Cocoa, a mixture of Monin Dark Chocolate Sauce with their homemade caramel and freshly squeezed orange juice. It is topped with fresh whipping cream with crumbled homemade florentine cookie along with a dab or orange zest.

While talking with the barista she said that the manager and her were the ones who put together the flavours, their inspiration was Terry’s Chocolate Oranges. Those are so good. It was a very pretty drink and every time you went to take a sip you really could smell the orange zest which was amazing. We did feel that the added orange juice seemed to water down the chocolate flavour a little. It was still a smooth hot chocolate, and we did wish that it was hotter since it seemed to be a little cooler than it should have been.

We also thought that it would be nice to have a florentine cookie to dip into the hot chocolate instead of crumbling it on top. Having to chew something while you are drinking the hot chocolate is not one of our favourite things, it is just a weird texture thing. Plus who likes to chew what they are drinking.

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