Since we live in the Northwest we decided to check out Seasons of Bowness. We have never been there, always driven by, but this time we were stopping. The grounds are so beautiful when covered in snow, there was a lot of people there skating on the pond. It was great to see so many people out even though it was a little chilly.

Season’s of Bowness’ drink is the Quatro Leches Hot Chocolate, it is a twist on a traditional Mexican favourite. There is four milks, white choclate, toasted caramel topping with dolce de leech drizzle.

Now when we got to Seasons of Bowness all their signs said Tres Leches Hot Chocolate, and when we asked the barista what four milks are used, she said there was just three. We are also very certain that it should say topped with toasted coconut and caramel drizzle, because it didn’t taste like dulce de leche.

Overall the flavour was delicious, it was very sweet with the three milks and mixed with white chocolate. It makes it sweet and I don’t know if we would go back for another one.

We also found it very shocking that the traditional hot chocolate here was $6.75 so we are hoping that $2 is going to Meals on Wheels. As well we were curious about the Spirited one that Seasons was also providing, so I had my daughter call and inquire about it. We were shocked and could not believe that it is $12 so we really are hoping that $4 is going to Meals on Wheels.

Overall we were planning on heading back to try their spirited on, but after hearing how much it was going to be, we have no desire to go back and try it. I really hope that more than $2 is going towards Meals on Wheels.

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