When we found out that my son had a soccer game up in Edmonton, we decided to head up and watch. It was a great reason to watch and hit up a couple coffee shops in the process.

We stopped in Red Deer like we always do and we were heading to our go to shop, City Roasters, when we got there we found out that they couldn’t make anything with espresso. So I was out. My daughter tried to order a London Fog, and they said they couldn’t steam milk either, so everyone was out. We only got a bagel and a cheesecake square. Most disappointing stop ever. We ended up stopping at Starbucks to get caffeine since everywhere else was closed. So sad and disappointing.

As we pulled into Edmonton, we drive up to the University of Alberta campus and then went to find a local coffee shop. This is such an eclectic little coffee shop in the middle of nowhere. We were looking for a coffee shop close to the University of Alberta, since we were there for my son’s soccer game.

All the seating and tables in this shop is completely different. It was a very small cafe so everyone was pretty much sitting right next to each other. Overall the location was great.

We decided to order their London Fog, their White Hot Earl, and their Vanilla Latte. It was nice to get all the beverages in mugs, they were tin looking ceramic mugs. The flavour of the London Fog was delicious, the White Hot Earl was interesting, didn’t get chocolate flavour and near the end there was too much Earl Grey Tea flavouring. The Vanilla Latte was very smooth and delicious, definitely not too sweet.

My daughter wanted a Rice Krispie square so we got one. Upon the first bite she could tell something was strange about it. She handed me a piece and I too found it very strange. Instead of using vanilla they used peanut butter. I am so happy we didn’t offer my wife a piece or she would have been sick right then and there. She hates peanut butter.


Overall this place is very cute and interesting, I believe that we would visit them again. I would like to go back and buy some of the coffee there since they sell three different roasters that I haven’t seen before. Next time we are in Edmonton, I will be going there.

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