After enjoying our beverage at Regal Cat Cafe, on the way back to the truck we decided to stop in at The Roasterie for their hot chocolate since we were right there.

Theirs is an orange infused Chocolate with a coconut mousse topping. Rich, full bodied flavour with hints of exotic. Smooth and satisfying finish.

It was a very interesting hot chocolate since you could really smell the orange but you couldn’t really taste the orange. The coconut mousse was delicious, but it made it very difficult to get to the drink below.

I had another latte, and let me tell you I was feeling the opposite of awake, the latte’s that I had tonight was actually making me tired. So weird.

Overall this was a good drink, we ended up mixing the mousse into the drink near the end and that is when we got the majority of the orange flavour. It also would have been nice if they used fresh orange rind, since I think the rind they used was old because it was a little bitter.

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