To start Friday we headed to Bridgeland Market for their always interesting hot chocolate.

Theirs is called Be Still, My Beet(ing) Heart which is inspired from the best that Bridgeland Market has to offer. Fresh beets are combined with coconut milk, dark chocolate, vanilla, fennel seeds and cardamom to create a deliciously warm and aromatic hot chocolate overflowing with beet-pink froth and topped with a beet flavoured marshmallow heart and shards of beet chip.

It was a very interesting hot chocolate, it had a really nice presentation with the Beet chip on the top. As well as the hot chocolate being pink was super interesting. This hot chocolate had the most chocolate flavouring, more than any of the other ones we have had.

You could slightly taste the cardamon and it was delicious. It was a very nice and smooth hot chocolate. Of all the hot chocolates this was the most healthy.

Overall the drink was delicious and was the creamiest hot chocolate we have had. It was also the hottest (temperature) that we have had thus far.

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