After Bite we headed over to Boogies Burgers. We were pleasantly surprised to see that they had entered and we were very excited to try their creation.

Their hot chocolate is called the “Frozen Hot Chocolate” by earthly standards is an oxymoron, but what if you expanded your horizons to contemplate what would happen if Hot Chocolate was shot into outer space? Their Frozen Hot Chocolate is an intergalactic marriage of texture and flavor that defies earthly understanding, but speaks a language your tastebuds will understand on a cosmic level. Just to keep you from getting stuck in different dimensions while you drink this – they have grounded this beverage with an infusion of a sweet earthly delight – the Nanaimo bar.

As we were waiting it was so exciting to see that they did a cold hot chocolate. It was such a great flavour. They advertised that the milkshake tasted like Nanaimo Bars and sure enough it really did taste like that right down to the hint of coconut at the end.

It was so different from any other hot chocolate we had tried thus far. Thankfully this Frozen hot chocolate really did taste like a Nanaimo Bar and it is in a league all on its own since it was the only cold hot chocolate we had tried.

Overall, I really hope that they keep this one on the menu because I know I would go back and have another milkshake with some food.

Great job Boogies, you really did a great job.

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